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Cori. Pennsylvania. Female. Drug free.

My blog is dedicated to stuff i like or find interesting i have a crazy obsesion with Harley Quinn and The Joker, i post a lot of naked women and quite a bit of nerdy shit as well. I'm pretty nice so come say hi :]


There are seriously tears in my eyes right now

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allwomenaresimplybeautiful asked: That's pretty cool. I have only ever gotten one massage before and it was from a guy lol. Not that there is anything wrong with that haha I've given a few too, but I'm No where near a pro. How was your night?


It was pretty good actually. Not so great in the tip department but all of my clients for the night signed up for memberships. :D


This is the life of a snail

Ok so up close they’re kinda cute. I’ll still be freaked out if I see one in person tho

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we’re going to look back at events like this when we’re older and be so embarrassed it was even an issue.

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